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Gail Hunt is an author and a multi-award-winning quilt artist.

Since 2009, Gail has devoted much of her time to building projects – as general contractor for her own home, DIY tradesperson, and blogger.

Gail Hunt, quiltmaker
Gail Hunt, quiltmaker

Artist Statement

In her work, Gail plays with the fabric of the landscape, streetscape, and homescape,  molding it to her own vision and mood. Her training and experience in home economics and photography have provided a base and a union of technical skills and aesthetic sensibilities.

Gail has taught quiltmaking across North America and in Australia. Her quilts have won local, national and international awards in juried exhibitions since 1989, as much for their unique vision and emotional appeal as for their evidence of mastery of unusual and invented techniques.

In 1996, Gail published “Quiltworks Across Canada: Eleven Contemporary Workshops“, and in 2003 was awarded the Canadian Quilters’ Association’s highest award for her contributions to quiltmaking in Canada.

She is currently writing a book, “This Green House”, about building a green home in Canada: the decisions and definitions, the highs and lows, the rules and regulations, and the relationships between the people involved in the complex work that is contemporary construction.

Gail lives in Gibsons, British Columbia.


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